RI WEI CHN Biscuit with Floss Spicy Flavour-210g

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BBD: 2018.09.09
Item Specifics

RI WEI China
Biscuit with Floss Hot Flavour 210g 6920102213631

Product Introduction

It becomes a daily snack in China, popular snack for traveling, office biscuit, and breakfast.  Ingredients: Wheat Flour, Sugar, Green Bean, Dried Meat Floss, Lard, Vegetable Oil, Ghee, Flavoring, Spices, Salt, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Dehydroacetate. 

Brand Website

Introduction in web site:

  • http://www.riwei.cn/index.html


  • 日威牌中国肉松酥饼香辣味210克


日威牌中国肉松酥饼香辣味210克 日威牌  
2015.07.02   210克
通用 零食 6个月
香辣味     中国


  • 汪涵代言
  • 考究的用料,精细的工艺,严谨的制作;


  • 有保鲜独立小包装,
  • 开袋可食用。
  • 温馨提示:早餐零食,方便携带, 旅游必备,也是办公室或家庭常备零食。


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